With the unique perspective that only an 'outsider' can bring.

Outsider LLC runs a brewery and two restaurants that make the most of Kofu's charms as seen from an 'outsiders' point of view to try and bring back Kofu's vibrancy.
The Vault, an Australian bar, based on the concept of 'world delicacies' where Mark has carefully selected a selection of beers and food from around the world.
Hops and Herbs, Outsider Brewings taproom where Mark serves local dishes with a foreign twist e.g. houtou pasta, a local noodle cooked as Italian pasta.

With Outsider's Creativity


Inherited techniques
+ fresh ideas

In 2012, Outsider Brewing opened with Satoshi Niwa, a well-known brewer in the Japanese craft beer world, as head brewer. With a high level of technical skill outsider Brewing specializes in beers made with wild yeast and high alcohol beers. Outsdier Brewing's beers are loved by many people.
Currently Momoko Sims, who trained under Satoshi Niwa, is head brewer. Outsider Brewing continues to produce high quality beers while refining recipes and expanding our portfolio of tastes and styles.

Inherited Techniques

Outsider Brewing's fresh and flexible ideas, led by Momoko, who is one of the few female head brewers in Japan, has led us to make unique improvements to our recipes and continue to create even better beers.
In 2022 Outsider Brewing's The Sith Imperial Stout won the bronze medal for British Imperial Stout at the World Beer Cup, the most prestigious beer competition in the world.
The brewery's beers are popular with many fans for their subtle flavours that are both unique and easy to drink.

+Fresh Idea